Two Schools of Heart – Parts 1 & 2


Take a fascinating look at consciousness and healing by “heading back” to two metaphorical high schools in Kevin’s new book one of Healing, the other of consciousness.  Work your way through the curriculum and graduate to a higher level you!



Embrace your inner spirit nerd

In the high school of healing and consciousness our sophomore gets lost in the mix. What do he and she have to teach us? Full of both wisdom and gentle compassionate teaching, I wrote the two schools of heart (or rather co-wrote it with my guides!) to offer a playful, whimsical look at how when we overlook dimensions of ourselves, we all end up missing out on our greatest, most balancing insights. Even though by definition sophomore means “wise fool”, our “inner sophomores” have a lot to offer us. Find out what your sophomore is trying to teach you, start the adventure today!


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