Your body and spirit lead the way.

Energy work focuses on your own individual path to self-discovery, and the uncovering of your deep personal truths towards a potential life of greater peace, harmony and contentment. It is truly a path for those who have tried psychiatry, pharmaceuticals, counseling, behavioral therapy, and even dietary changes, nutritional supplements, detox programs, 12 step programs, homeopathy, yoga, and still feel something is missing in their lives. It is also for those who want to forego all of these modalities, and start working from the heart right away.

Sonia Rivera

Shamanic Healing

In a shamanic healing session, Sonia will work with the client through journeying and guided meditation to release old patterns and pain that keeps them stuck, and to re-balance body, mind, and spirit. This deep work requires the client’s active participation and sincere desire to release these old patterns and wounds and to move forward. 

Each client is unique, and many times a combination of techniques will be used in a session. In all cases, I create a safe and sacred space for the client to access and activate their own inner healing ability.

A typical session will involve a review of personal history, setting intention for the session, energy/healing work, and a dialogue to process any information received during the session by both myself and the client.



Practitioners in the art of Reiki receive a sacred initiation called ‘reiju’ (attunement) that opens us to act as a ‘hollow bamboo’ for reiki energy.  Sonia Rivera received her Reiki Master attunement in addition to studying Chinese Medicine over 20 years under the lineage of Grandmaster Takata.  Sonia is also a Dar’Shem Reiki Master. Dar’Shem is a Wisdom-centered method of spiritual healing and personal transformation.