Facial Massage Cupping Treatment

Facial massage cupping is a safe, comfortable, pain-free, non-invasive and holistic beauty treatment. It has been around for thousands of years. Women in Asia and Europe have practiced this amazing beauty secret to maintain healthy, youthful skin for centuries.

Facial cupping is gentle yet powerful in its effects for rejuvenating the skin creating a healthy and natural facelift alternative. The suction and release method stimulates the lymphatic system and promotes removal of toxins allowing for nutrient-rich blood to rejuvenate, nourish the tissues, and increase stimulation of elastin and collagen production. This means fine lines and deeper wrinkles can be visibly reduced and the chin, jawline, neck & décolletage can be toned and sculpted.

The effects brought about by facial cupping can have several aesthetic benefits:

  • Decreased facial puffiness due to drainage of lymph fluid
  • Increased circulation and better absorption of nutrients and beauty products
  • Reduction and prevention of visible fine lines, wrinkles, and scarring
  • The skin looks supple and plumper
  • Relaxed tense facial muscles resulting in a softer, younger appearance
  • Facial cupping creates changes that are immediate and long lasting.

Also offering Weekend Eye Lift and Lip pump!