Acupuncture for Kids

Chinese Medicine has a highly evolved system of pediatric care that can help infants, toddlers, children and teens improve their health without the use of potentially harmful drugs.  Chinese medicine doesn’t treat children like tiny adults.  Rather, it offers a variety of treatment methods and modalities that are unique to the area of pediatrics.  The pediatric modalities we use are shonishin (“show knee shin”) tuina (“twee na”), moxibustion, acupuncture, dietary counseling, and herbal medicine.

Acupuncture for children and teens is becoming an increasingly common treatment for asthma, allergies, headaches, stomachaches, back pain, anxiety, depression, ear aches, respiratory infections, bedwetting, ADHD, autism and many other frequent health concerns.

Acupuncture is a safe alternative to pharmaceuticals that many parents do not want their children taking. Increasingly more parents are turning to acupuncture as an effective and necessary method of reestablishing and maintaining health within their children’s constitution.

The Chinese herbal formulas we use are made in the United States and are routinely tested to be free of heavy metals, pesticides, and other contaminents.  The children’s herbal tinctures we offer are made with glycerine to mask the often bitter flavors of the herbs, making it much more palatable for children to take.  There are no unpleasant side effects when used as directed.

Here’s a partial list of ailments we could help treat:

  • colds and flu, low immunity
  • digestive problems like colic, “picky” eating, tummy aches, diarrhea, or constipation
  • sleep problems
  • ear infections
  • mood swings
  • seizures, tics, tremors
  • sprains, strains, bruises
  • musculoskeletal problems
  • delayed growth development
  • eczema
  • upper respiratory problems like asthma and bronchitis
  • sinusitis, rhinitis
  • food allergies and sensitivities
  • hay fever/allergies
  • growing pains
  • bedwetting

Sonia is absolutely amazing! My 8 year old son’s seasonal allergies were so bad that it was preventing him from focusing in school and playing football…I tried everything, but no improvement. I felt lost and helpless. I started to look into alternative healing. After the very first appointment with acupuncture and aromatherapy, my son was better. After the second appointment, no allergy symptoms. Sonia now helps me, my husband, and my brother. I highly recommend her!


I’ve been seeing Sonia for over 10yrs now and have been so pleased with her work. So when my 7yr old daughter started having respiratory issues I didn’t think twice but to take her to see Sonia as well. Sonia was very gentle and understanding with my daughter. My daughter felt so good after her treatments that now she asks me to take her to see Sonia. Thank you Sonia for all that you do!



We started seeing Sonia in the summer of 2016, when my oldest daughter (age 4 1/2 at the time) had been suffering from high fevers (104-106 F) lasting 5-6 days straight, every 4-6 weeks for 2 years. We had countless trips to the ER and saw many different doctors. Her doctors had tested her for everything, and they still had no answers for us, other than to tell us that she had a hyperactive immune system. So, each time she caught the slightest cold, her body over-reacted to it.


After only a couple months of treatments from Sonia, we were already seeing a decline in her fevers. After 6 months of treatments, she had fevers occasionally, but they were less severe. After 9-12 months, my daughter no longer ran high fevers with catching a cold. I’m so grateful that I found Sonia, and for all her help. 


Concurrently, our younger daughter had been a very strong-willed toddler, who would bang her head on things while throwing tantrums, multiple times per day. Sonia started treating our 2 1/2 year-old, and helped alleviate these extreme behaviors through her treatments. She no longer has extreme behavior when she’s upset.  


After 3 years, we still see Sonia for treatments for our kids, ranging from common cold, talking in sleep, constipation, bed wetting, overall health, etc…