Experience powerful balancing deep tissue bodywork, massage techniques, energy clearing, breath work and poignant insight (mixed with open heartedness and hearty laughter). Find out what your body your mind and your spirit has in store for you. Help your own heart keep its promise to your whole being.

Emergent Healing with Kevin

Emergent Healing is heart-centered work, concentrated predominantly on the spirit level, through the emotions that reside in the heart. It is a path of exploration for individuals who choose to become conscious of the deeper truths that lie embedded in the native intelligence of their bodies to make sense of the messages received from their conscious and subconscious worlds.

Just about every one of us holds on to one or more traumas, whether they are derived from emotional, physical, or even familial experiences. Emergent Healing can assist you in dealing with the post-traumatic stress, and move you away from living your days in a constant state of a fight-or-flight response to the world, and into a more integrated perspective of your life. Through medical intuition and spiritual guidance, we help our clients begin to remove the obstacles that stand in the way of living a more conscious, connected and heart-centered life, less encumbered by past traumas. 

Emergent Healing is the continually evolving and maturing process of tuning into what the human being on the table most needs as defined by the intelligence of their own bodies, the resourcefulness of their minds and the guidance of their spirit. 

Emergent Healing is essentially a process of taking dictation from something way more informed: you at your best. By tuning into your inner leadership and following where you lead, Kevin invites you to embark on a journey that is as powerfully revealing as it is playfully humorous as it is remarkably healing. The body and the spirit are the true masters. Kevin has simply mastered listening to them!